Friday, February 27, 2009

Soda Kiln and Raku Pieces.

Today I was able to retrieve my first two pieces that went through the soda firing process.

This first one is a tea bowl that I tried to cover with dark blue porcelain slip before it was bisque fired, but the slip cracked and was coming off. So I decided to scrub it really hard to get as much of the cracked slip off then put it through the soda kiln. The inside is light porcelain with a clear over it.

This next one was my first pitcher, with a CR yellow on the outside, and cushing black on the inside.

Now, on to the fun for today. I ran over to MCA at 9am and we got the Raku kiln going and set up all the pieces to fire. I had to leave at around 10am to get over to Rane and Christian's school conferences (which went well), and then I returned to MCA at 11:45 to help unload the hot pieces and smother them.

First, here is my first mask that I made using paper clay.

Then, a bowl I did with a wavey lip.

Here are a set of three small bottles with covers.

So, a big day for results. I have another mask going through the gas reduction kiln now, and it should be ready Thursday. I still have more than a dozen pieces in my locker at school ready to glaze, and a new batch of green pots in the basement ready to be bisque fired. I really can't wait to get my kilns set up here.

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

great stuff amigo, and esp fine soda pitcher and raku results!