Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot stuff coming through...

... my laces unless I get some new leather work boots! The biggest disappointment in my shopping search last week was the missing leather shoe store. It will be hard to find good work boots without a low melting point rubber/plastic sole, and no laces. From what I've read, in the presence of molten metal which may be up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit (1650 C), many materials will spontaneously combust due to the intense radiant heat. Or, an accidental spill of hot metal on cloth or plastic laces would result in a pretty bad accident.

In my search of the internet for a new e-store to replace my local *real* store I found some possible candidates. They are definitely not a fashion statement.

1. Herman Survivors - Men's Workhorse Steel-Toe Work Boot -- I like the "survivor" part of this boot.

2. Tatra Safety Boots & Shoes, Inc. -- Yup, the Canadians still work hard...

3. Forge Shield Boots: Met Guard Steel Toe Made In USA Boots 26866 -- I believe these also have a +3 to saving throws against magic spells.

4. Chippewa Boot Company -- A very good selection of quality boots and there are a couple dealers near me.

5. Carolina Foundry Hi Steel Toe -- These look very tough and this site seems like they have some good deals.

It's extremely funny to me that most of my searches (e.g. "Forge leggings" ) result in fantasy role playing game type results (such as "Forge-crafted Elven Leggings"). However, searching for "Foundry Spats" gets closer to what I need.

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Chippewa boots from Wisconsin!